• I have had my kali since June 11th, I’ve worn it quite alot for trips to the beach (walk across Seaton or around Looe) even though maisie is now 11 months she loves it, she’s so comfy, can see everything I can and is a Mummy’s girl so it’s nice having her close to me.
    I wore it in town today, I took the pram but decided to keep that in the car! We were in the mall for about 3 hours! It was fab, normally I’m cursing trying to turn the pram around or squeeze into spaces! No trouble at all! I love it!!! A few odd looks (maybe as Maisie is 11 months) but a few smiles and a lady behind the counter said she looked so Happy!
    I went to Eva’s world, I was given a demonstration, made sure maisie was happy! Fab customer service!! Lovely ladies and really would recommend a Kali xx
    Charlotte Emily
  • Love my kali and and my Sophie loves it too! Comfortable to wear, snug and secure for baby. Spreading the kali sling cuddle up word wherever I go!

    Jo Gray
  • Absolutely love my kali sling! I don’t go anywhere without it now. 100% recommend. Excellent fast service and delivery too and very friendly helpful service 🙂

    Danielle Pennington
  • I love babywearing and have a few different types of carriers. My kali sling is, by far, my favourite and I’m looking forward to buying more x

    Siobhàn Danielle Draper Etherington
  • Wore my sling for the first time today and I absolutely love it! So comfy and easy to use! No faffing about trying to put a pram up and I love having both hands free! Never looking back now! Xxx

    Louise Isaac
  • I love my Kali sling, I use it every day. I highly recommend Kali slings, they are amazing!

    Keya Carney
  • Brought my new sling at Freedom festival and I absolutely love it. Went on first woodland walk today in the rain and me and my little man was comfortable all the way. Would definitely recommend! I’m sure the tying will get easier with practice!

    Elizabeth Sinclair
  • I love my Kali Sling and so does my newborn!! This is my third baby and I have tried lots of slings but all of them have caused me back pain, the Kali Sling gives me no pain at all and i love the colours and fabrics. I would highly recommend.

    Melissa Lai-Hung
  • Loved by the little one. My little girl is 9 weeks now and has been fairly clingy and not wanting to sleep for weeks now. When I get her in the sling and go for a walk she settles and either sleeps or zones out in what looks to be a happy place. It also means I can get a few things done around the house 🙂

    Marie Crosby
  • Been out for the first time in my Kali sling today and absolutely loved it, so comfortable and baby loved it being so cosy and close! Would recommend these 100%

    Rachel Snelling
  • I (and more importantly) my kids love the kali sling. Great value for money, lovely designs. I couldn’t be happier with a sling!

    Katherine Susan Powell