263373_216371398413687_3819701_nWhen my first daughter was born I wanted a carrier, but as the was so small I couldn’t use one of the most common ones at the market as the baby had to be 7lb’s. My daughter was 6lb’s. I didn’t know anyone with a sling a could try before I bought my own. By the time she was too big for one I met a lady at a group with one. I tried it on with her baby in, as my daughter was too big. I love it. When I was expecting my second baby I looked in to buy one. But I thought they were to expensive. I spoke to others that said the same. So I decided to take the matter in my own hands and make my own. My friends thought I was crazy as I didn’t make just one I made four. I thought since everyone I’d spoke to said the same I was convinced it would work. My friend, who was pregnant at the same time bought one from me. She loved hers and even more that the price was so reasonable. In fact she loved it so much she became my business partner. As times then changed and circumstances changed Alice left for taking on a full time job. Left was and still is me, Kicki, but still the same Baby slings – Wrap style. Hand made in Plymouth by me!…..