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Sea Green Leopard Print Kali Sling – Cuddle Up


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This Kali Sling is 5m in length so it will fit most people. They are made from soft jersey cotton fabric.

You can now get your freedom back and get on with housework, have a drink as well as seeing to other children while you’re  keeping you little bundle cuddled up. The baby stays snug and comfortable whilst you are able to get more done and both you and baby says stress free. Excellent for a baby that wants to be cuddled all the time!

Increase the bond with your baby, a baby that is cuddled is a calmer baby. As the baby should be kept upright in the Kali Sling the symptoms of colic should reduce, as well Baby’s heartbeat regulates and your little bundle stays warm and feel safe whilst with you. For newborn babies up to a weight of 35lb. 

With the buckle-free design Kali Sling is easy to put on and take off, and you can keep it on even if you take your baby out, that way you don’t have to re-tie it when you want to put the baby back inside again. It’s comfortable to wear and the size adjusts to the wearer.

To keep your baby safe please make sure you follow these easy 5 steps of T.I.C.K.S:

  1. Tight: Your baby should be close to your body so they can’t slump down.
  2. In view at all times: You should be able to glance down & see your baby’s face.
  3. Close enough to kiss: Your baby should be high and close enough to your chin for you to kiss them on the forehead or face
  4. Keep chin off the chest: There should be at least a finger’s space between your baby’s chin & chest to allow them to breath easily.
  5. Supported back: Your baby’s back should be supported in a natural position, ideally with their tummy towards you in an upright position.

Make sure that your Kali Sling is in a good condition every time you use it and practice near a soft surface or with another adult until you feel confident. Only undertake safe activities with your child in the sling.